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Star Patient

This is Peaches. She is an 18 month old Chihuahua.

One day in April, her owner came home to find her collapsed and bleeding in the garden. We think she had been attacked by a larger dog which had got through the fence.

She only weighs 2.7kg so she came off very much the worse and had sustained severe wounds to her neck and elbow.

When she was rushed in, we weren’t sure if she would survive.

After emergency treatment, we managed to stabilise her, and although she was understandably very scared when she came in, she seemed to know we were there to help her and gradually, she grew in confidence. Once she was out of immediate danger, she had to have complicated and extensive surgery to repair her wounds, but 11 days after her ordeal, she was able to go home with her owner and she has gone on to make a great recovery.

Oh, but that wasn’t all. Throughout all of this, Peaches had been pregnant! And despite everything, she managed to give birth to 6 puppies (although one sadly died shortly after birth).

Perhaps, if you only weigh 2.7kg, you have to be made of something stronger than the average dog just to survive, but Peaches seems to have courage and tenacity in spades.

A true star patient who, if she were a cat, would definitely already have used up a few of her lives in her short life so far!