Out of Hours

What to do in an emergency outside of normal opening hours

Within normal hours Emergency Treatment

If your pet has a problem during our normal surgery hours, please telephone the practice immediately and we will ensure that you are offered an appointment on a priority basis. Please make it clear to us that the matter is not routine and we will do our best to attend to you as soon as possible.

Out of Hours Emergency Treatment 

Outside of our normal opening times we have a designated emergency service that can be contacted on: 02392 170608

AlphaPet Veterinary Surgery uses Vets Now Emergency Vets. Our nearest clinic is: Vets Now Portsmouth, UNIT 1 Southdown View, Military Road, Hilsea, PO3 5FS

We know your pet can become ill or suffer accidents at any time. To make sure you have access to high quality care at night, weekends and bank holidays, we have chosen to partner with Vets Now, the leading provider of Out of Hours care.

The team at Vets Now are always there when we are closed, so you can rest assured that you and your pet will have a vet and nurse on hand, whether it's four in the morning or half-way through Christmas. On calling Vets Now, you’ll speak with one of their dedicated call handlers who’ll provide you with all of the information you require should you wish for your pet to see the veterinary team based in your local clinic. They’ll then inform the clinic of your arrival and promptly send you a text message with confirmation and directions for your visit. Please don't hesitate to call them if you are at all concerned.

Vets Now take over from us when we close in the evenings and over the weekends. If you call us first, we will either be there to answer your call, or will have an answer machine message with Vets Now's details for you.

Both Veterinary and Human Medical fields are increasingly using dedicated emergency services. This brings many advantages to our clients:

Emergency centres have staff (vets and nurses) on site around the clock. This means that you will be seen as soon as you arrive by staff who are well rested and ready for work no matter what the time.

Because the staff are awake you can call at whatever time you need to without embarrassment. Emergency centres stay staffed and well lit throughout the night, making them safe and easily accessible.

In the unfortunate event that your pet needs to be seen at Vets Now they will carry out emergency treatment. On the next working day we will be sent all of the details of any treatment your pet required and if possible your pet will be transferred back to us for ongoing care. It is best if you are able to transfer your pet so that you have a chance to speak to both the emergency vet and us directly about ongoing treatment or further tests that may be required. Pets will only be discharged if they are deemed safe to travel.

Your nearest Vets Now clinic is:

Vets Now Emergency Ltd
Vets Now Portsmouth 
UNIT 1 Southdown View,
Military Road

Phone: 02392 170608

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you know my pet has been to Vets Now?

Vets Now send us a report following any contact with you, even if it is just a phone call for advice.  This report is then added to your pets record.

If my pet is an inpatient and needs to be transferred to Vets Now for overnight care, do I have to take them?

No.  Unlike most practices we can transfer your pet to Vets Now for you in our ambulance, or you can take them there yourself if you prefer.

How will Vets Now know what treatment my pet has received?

If we suspect you may need to call Vets Now out of hours or your pet is being transferred there, we will send Vets Now your pets full medical history.

If I use Vets Now out of hours service who do I pay?

Any treatment given by Vets Now falls under their pricing and you pay them.  We cannot take any payments for treatment given at Vets Now.

How does it work if I am insured and want to make a claim?

Vets Now will deal with a claim for any treatment they have given and will be submitted separately to treatment we give.  If it is part of the same condition, you will still only pay the excess once. 

As you would with us, once you have paid your bill in full, you just need to provide them with a signed claim form (unless being submitted electronically) and they can then submit this for you, along with your pets history. 

If you need any help with this process just give AlphaPet a call and we will be happy to help.