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Heat Stroke
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Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke

We all know how hot it can get for us in summer, but just imagine what would happen if you couldn’t sweat and were forced to wear a thick coat as well?

This is what many of our pets have to endure. They have almost no sweat glands and have to rely on getting rid of body heat by panting. And they can’t just strip down to bare skin when it gets hot - they have a fur coat to cope with all the time!

It is therefore little surprise that it doesn’t take much to cause pets to overheat on a hot day.

Sometimes, even just doing their normal exercise during the hot part of the day is enough to cause them serious problems. Cars and conservatories can quickly become like ovens (check out: ). And if your pet is overweight or has heart or breathing issues, they can become even more quickly affected by heat.

Every year we see cases of heat stroke, including very sadly some fatalities.

Please think before allowing your pet to exercise in the daytime during the summer.

Always make sure they have access to water.