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COVID-19 Daily Briefing 25th March 2020
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COVID-19 Daily Briefing 25th March 2020

All 3 of our surgeries remain open for urgent and emergency cases. Our main hospital at Bognor Regis continues to operate on a 24/7 Emergency basis 7 days a week.

Our vets are ready to help with any genuinely urgent and emergency situations. Please just call the usual surgery number and follow the instructions if our phones are turned over to our emergency number.

In these very difficult times, we are trying to minimise the numbers of staff on duty to reduce the risk of face to face contact. Please only call us if you have a genuinely urgent or emergency situation.

We very much hope to be able to resume normal services in a few weeks time when we are permitted to do so.

To try and answer some common queries from concerned clients:

1) We are currently not carrying out any routine vaccinations. This is in accordance with current profession-wide recommendations following the government’s announcement on 23rd March. This includes puppy and kitten vaccinations. We suggest that all puppies and kittens are kept within the home environment until such time as we are able to safely begin to vaccinate again normally. The main risks to puppies and kittens comes from exposure to pathogens outside the home environment. Exercising and toileting puppies on patios and other areas which can be regularly washed down further reduces any potential risk. If you have a new puppy or kitten which hasn’t already completed its primary vaccination course and you are concerned, then please call and speak to one of our vets.

2) We are currently not dispensing any preventative flea or worm products since it is deemed that the risk of unnecessary face to face human contact involved outweighs any necessity for our pets. We realise that this may have implications for clients enrolled on our Pet Health Plan (PHP). At this point in time, we are only expecting this will be a delay (of a few weeks) in being allowed to dispense these products safely. We are reviewing this on an ongoing basis and will give further updates in the coming weeks.

We’d very much like to thank all those clients who have been so very understanding and considerate towards our staff. We have all been thrown into very challenging times and it is good to see so many clients who can appreciate how difficult this all is for us and how hard we are working behind the scenes as well as on the front line to continue to deliver the very best healthcare possible for your pets 24/7.