Head Nurse & Clinical Supervisor

Charlie - Head Nurse & Clinical Supervisor
Charlie RVN, ISFM Dip FN, CG cert VNES, APVN (zoo) Head Nurse & Clinical Supervisor

A Certified ISFM Cat Friendly Professional

Charlie joined AlphaPets in December 2001 and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2006. Charlie became a clinical coach in 2006 and helps to train the student nurses. She is also an Academy Coach so she helps the newly qualified RVNs through their first year.

She was Medical Lead Nurse at West Meads for many years and in November 2021 took the role as Joint Head Nurse.

Over the years, Charlie has been a familiar face to many of our long-standing clients. She was instrumental in organising and running our dog show, that ran for 10 years.

Charlie has gained extra veterinary nursing qualifications including City and Guilds Veterinary Nursing in Exotic Species, Advanced programme of veterinary nursing (zoo animals), Blue Cross Bereavement Support training, Diabetic Advisor training, Hypertension Advisor training, and a Diploma in Feline Nursing through ISFM.

Charlie has a keen interest in feline medicine nursing, exotic species and wildlife patients, and runs regular tortoise clinics.

She is an IVCE well being champion (which helps her look after her team) and an IVCE nutrition champion (so she stays up to date with canine and feline nutrition).

Charlie is also a British Divers Marine Life Rescue Medic and co-ordinator for West Sussex, which means she has been trained to deal with seals, dolphins and whales. In 2006, she assisted with the successful re-floatation of a porpoise and in 2008 she was part of the team that provided veterinary treatment to a stranded Northern Bottlenose whale in Hayling Island. Over the years, she has dealt with many seal pups that have required nursing care.

At home, Charlie enjoys spending time with her husband and young son. She is also kept busy with her pets which includes snakes, tortoises, cats, guinea pigs, budgies, cockatiels, fish and an eagle owl.