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Post Operative Care
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Post Operative Care

On arrival at home, your pet should be kept warm & quiet, avoiding excitement and exertion and should be checked fairly frequently.

There may be clipped up areas on one or both of the forelegs. This is where an anaesthetic agent or intravenous fluids have been administered. If a plaster has been left on, this will be removed at there post-operative re-examination. An identification collar may also still be present. This may be removed once you are home.

For dogs and cats, you may offer a small drink and a light meal, for example fish or chicken with rice or pasta. Overloading the stomach may cause vomiting. Do not worry if food is refused on the first evening home.

Following dental surgery, you may be advised to feed soft food only for a few days, avoiding biscuits.

Your pet may be quieter than usual for some hours after returning home. Older pets may take longer to recover than younger pets. Keep them warm and out of draughts but do not place them in front of direct heat.

You may need to help your dog outside to urinate or defaecate before he/she will be able to settle comfortably.

It is best to keep cats indoors, with a litter tray, for at least 2-3 days after any operation and until sutures are removed. Any further confinement will be discussed at the post-operative examination.

Keep rabbits and guinea pigs indoors if possible and ensure they are out of draughts.

Discourage your pet from licking, chewing or nibbling at any stitches which may be present. This may be done by discipline and/or applying a light dressing and/or fixing an Elizabethan type collar. This can be made out of cardboard or can be purchased from the Clinic.

Please administer all medications prescribed as directed. If you are having any difficulty with this, please contact the Clinic.

Contact the Clinic if there is inflammation (redness), swelling or any discharge from the wound, or your pet appears distressed or uncomfortable or you are concerned in any way.

Please note that the Clinic operates a 24 Hour Emergency Service. You can reach the Duty Vet by calling the normal Clinic number (01243 842832 - West Meads; 01243 513514 - Birdham; 01243 528899 - Chichester).
If it is outside normal surgery hours, you will hear an ansaphone message which will give you a mobile number on which you can talk directly to a veterinary surgeon.

For most operations, you will be asked to attend the Clinic 2-5 days after discharge for a post-operative examination. Sutures are usually removed 10 days after the operation unless otherwise directed.