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Pet Treat Scandal
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Pet Treat Scandal

Pet Treat Scandal

Pet treat Scandal

Did you know that some pet treats are more calorific than human fast foods?

A recent study has shown that Bonio dog biscuits contain approximately 53% more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac! Dreamies cat treats contain around 5% more calories than a glazed doughnut! Even treats designed to help keep your pet’s teeth clean can contain very high levels of calories.

Unlike human foods, very few pet food manufacturers list calorie content on the packaging of pet treats which makes it very difficult for pet owners to make informed choices.

Many of the pets we see at AlphaPet are overweight. As with humans, this can have serious consequences for their overall health and how long they live.

Being aware that many pet treats are very high in calories means it is easier to account for them on your overall pet’s diet.

Treats are important for both training and encouraging positive behaviours, but we all need to be careful that this doesn’t come at the price of obesity.