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Toys provide your rabbit with mental and physical activity, and also help to protect your home.

Indoor Toys:

  • Closed cardboard box with 2 or 3 doors for hopping in and out, climbing on, chewing, etc. (may also be lined with newspaper, a towel or carpet for digging)
  • Seagrass mats to chew on (available from import/household goods shops)
  • Any item made of untreated straw, e.g. broom, coasters, beach mat
  • Willow baskets of all shapes and sizes for chewing, climbing on and dozing under
  • Large paper bag to crawl in
  • Plastic dog bed or litter/storage box lined with newspaper, hay and straw for digging, nibbling, etc. (may also double as a litter tray)
  • Hard plastic rattles (e.g. keys) to pick up and toss
  • Cat wire ball with a bell or pom pom inside
  • Cardboard rolls from toilet paper to chew, roll, toss, knock down, etc.
  • Toddler stacking cups or empty yoghurt pots (put one inside the other with a treat in between so the bunny has to work out how to get to it)
  • Hard plastic ball to push and roll
  • Parrot toys made of wood/hard plastic that can be hung from the top of the cage
  • Old bunch of keys for throwing
  • Old magazines, telephone books, cereal/tissue boxes and junk mail to tear up
  • A towel to spread out, dig in and sleep on
  • Cat toys with ramps, platforms and tubes

Outdoor Toys:

  • Wooden tunnel made with 4 boards of weather-proof plywood measuring 1' X 2' (wooden ramps and 'bridges' are a welcome addition)
  • Large litter trays or plastic storage boxes filled with soil, sand or peat for digging
  • Football to nudge and roll
  • Large upturned plant pots to hop up and down
  • Potted edible plants, e.g. lavender, chicory, parsley to nibble on.
  • A clay pipe to run in and out
  • A log or tree stump to jump on or over
  • Pine cones for nibbling
  • Apple or willow twigs that haven't been sprayed with pesticides
  • Large flat stones to climb on and smaller ones for sniffing and chinning