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Neutering Advice
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Neutering Advice

Neutering Advice

Canine Neutering advice



Here at AlphaPet we are strong believers in preventative healthcare. Prevention is always better than cure! One of the most important things we can do to aid with this motto is to neuter dogs at an early age, if they are not being used for breeding.

In both dogs and bitches we recommend neutering from 6 months of age.  There is now plenty of evidence to show that this can be safely carried out in the bitch prior to their first season.


In bitches, the advantages of early neutering are:

  • Removes the worry of coping with seasons (keeping her away from other dogs for 3 weeks out of every 6 months)
  • No chance of pseudo-pregnancy (false pregnancy) after the seasons
  • No risk of an unwanted litter of puppies
  • Reduced cancer risk. It has been proven that the more seasons they go through, the higher the risk of mammary tumours (cancer) in older age. Neutering prior to first season can significantly reduce the risk of these types of tumours.
  • Eliminates the risk of pyometra - a severe and potentially fatal infection of the uterus.


In dogs, early castration has the following benfits:

  • Helps calm them down a bit but don't worry it will not change their personality! They will still be the same boy you know and love, just better at listening and learning, rather than running off after the girls!
  • Helps reduce the risk of certain prostate conditions in older male dogs
  • Removes the potential for testicular cancers, which are common in older entire male dogs.


In most cases the operations are done as a day patient surgery. They are admitted during the morning and go home the same evening. Occasionally bitches will stay in overnight for additional pain relief if this is felt necessary by the vet.

We take pain relief seriously and both bitches and dogs will go home with additional pain relief for the first few days after surgery. They will need to take life easy for approximately 10 days after their surgery.  Our full post operative information is available at AlphaPet post operative care advice.

Post surgery we recommend close monitoring of your dog's weight, since a neutered animal's calorific needs are less than that of an entire animal and failure to monitor this can lead to weight gain.

For further advice please contact the surgery to arrange an appointment to discuss with a nurse or veterinary surgeon.