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Ear Drops
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Ear Drops

Ear Drops

Ear preparations are supplied in order to assist in clearing up your pet’s ear complaint. The condition is not uncommon and there are a number of possible causes.

You will have been advised regarding the frequency of application but we thought it would be worthwhile just setting out the various steps in actual application of the medication. Please try to persevere with the treatment following the veterinary surgeon’s instructions even if an immediate improvement has been seen.

How do I apply the drops?

It is always useful if you can get someone to assist by holding your dog for you.

The head should be gently but firmly held and the ear flap pulled upwards to open the top of the ear canal as much as possible. Squeeze the prescribed number of drops into the upper part of the ear canal then gently but firmly massage the ear canal to allow the drops to disperse and to penetrate deep into the ear. With a piece of cotton wool or a piece of tissue on your finger wipe away any excess liquid and debris from around the ear.


In other words, do not use cotton buds. The dog may move and you may as a result cause pain which will make it much more difficult for you to apply the drops next time.

When applying the drops note the colour and consistency of any discharge and if you are at all concerned contact us without delay.

If there appears to be an excessive growth of hair at the top of the ear canal try to gently pluck this in order to allow ventilation of the ear canal and penetration of the ear drops. Again, if in any difficulty, call us.

If you find it difficult to apply the medication sometimes a simple muzzle will take the dog’s mind off what is happening. If you contact us we can supply a suitable muzzle or alternatively one can be improvised from a piece of bandage or an old tie. We will gladly assist with a demonstration of how to apply this.

If you happen to own one of the flat faced, brachycephalic breeds, Boxer, Pug, Peke, etc. muzzling is more difficult but techniques using a towel or in some cases a special muzzle can be effective. Please contact us.