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Parasite Control Changes
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Parasite Control Changes

Parasite Control Changes

Parasite control is part and parcel of owning a dog or a cat. Fleas, worms and ticks are the main concerns and are all highly adapted to survive on our pets.

Over the 26 years that AlphaPet has been caring for pets, we have seen many changes in the recommended products for parasite control. Some of these changes have been to improve the safety of the drugs we apply to our pets, sometimes it has been because the parasites have developed resistance to certain drugs meaning they are no longer effective and sometimes it has been to improve the ease of administration so that we can be more certain that your pets are protected.

Unfortunately, there is still no single parasiticide drug that kills all fleas, ticks, roundworms (including lungworm in dogs) and tapeworms, so we still have to use combinations of products depending on the risks for individual pets. New drugs are continually arriving on the market and new data about their efficacy and safety is also being published.

At AlphaPet, we are continually monitoring the safest, most efficient, most cost-effective and easiest to administer combinations and we change our recomendations accordingly.

So please bear this in mind if, when you next come to purchase your pet's parasite control, our recommendations may have changed!