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Just Because We Can .....

Veterinary medicine and surgical techniques are advancing at a tremendous rate.

Many of our pets are living longer as a result and whilst these advances, as with human medicine and surgery, come at some considerable costs sometimes, many of us have pet insurance to help finance these treatments.

There is another aspect to these technological advances that needs to be considered.

Just because we can now do something new, doesn’t automatically mean that it is the right thing thing to do, especially for our pets who can’t tell us whether they are happy with something or not. Such decisions need a huge amount of thought to make sure that whatever we are doing is the right thing for our pet and not just ourselves.

Sometimes, it is very difficult to know what is the best thing to do. Giving too much treatment to a pet can sometimes be worse than not giving enough - carrying on too long and subjecting pets to treatments and surgical procedures that are not really in the pet’s best interests. Discussion between owner and veterinary surgeon is vital to ensure that the right decisions at the right times are made.

At AlphaPet, we strongly believe that our role is to inform and guide clients through the many choices available to them to help them make the best choices for their pets.

Our aim is to make sure clients are aware of what is available for their pets, and then help them come to a decision based not just on what we can do, but on what we should do for that individual, very precious pet.

In most cases, this involves asking ourselves what we would do if it was our pet and that doesn’t always mean going for the latest, fanciest, (and most expensive) treatment option!