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Heat Issues
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Heat Issues

Heat Issues

It doesn't seem to matter how many times we mention the dangers of heat in the summer, we still see cases every year.

Most people these days do avoid leaving dogs in cars on hot days, but this is only a part of the problems we see with heat.

Dogs have fur coats, so exercising them even on warm days can cause them to overheat and potentially be liable to heat stroke.

Dogs with behavioural issues which require muzzles when exercising must only use Baskerville-type (basket) muzzles. The Mikki-type muzzles we vets sometimes use in the consulting room must never be used during exercise since they do not allow pets to pant and cool themselves down.

On really hot days, please avoid walking dogs on pavements and tarmac. These can get very hot indeed and can cause traumatic third degree burns to pads.

Provide a cool area in your house for pets during hot weather, with fans and air conditioning if possible.
Adding ice to drinking water can also help.