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Fly Strike

Flies are always a nuisance for us in summer. They buzz around and can spread disease, but for some of our pets, they can be far more dangerous.

Flies are attracted to smelly things like wounds and faeces. They lay their eggs very quickly and their larvae (maggots) hatch out within hours and start eating whatever is around. It doesn’t matter if what is around is dead or alive.

So every summer, we see many cases of pets being brought in that are literally being eaten alive by maggots - a condition called “fly strike” or “myiasis”. As you can imagine, this is an incredibly painful condition, and without rapid treatment can easily prove fatal.

It is vital that all owners make sure that any wounds are treated promptly and appropriately.

All pets should be checked daily to make sure that they do not have faeces building up around their bottoms.

Whilst this is most commonly a risk with pets like rabbits, older dogs and cats can also be affected.

If you find fly eggs or maggots on your pet, do not delay. Call us. This is an emergency situation and the sooner we get to see a fly-struck pet, the better the chance we have of saving them and relieving their pain.