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Arthritis Nurse Clinics
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Arthritis Nurse Clinics

Arthritis Nurse Clinics

Osteoarthritis is a very common condition, usually of older pets, both dogs and cats.

It is often very treatable but it is frequently the result of multiple factors, not just age, and effective treatment needs to take account of all these factors.

There is a tendency to simply rely on painkillers and anti-inflammatories to treat arthritis when there may be better, cheaper and safer ways to treat the condition.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to discuss, in the necessary depth, all the factors which could help to improve your pet's arthritis condition in a vet consultation.

So, AlphaPet has launched Osteoarthritis Clinics run by our own RVNs, to help develop a specific program for your pet and to treat their condition in the best ways possible.

Your vet may refer you to one of these clinics or you can book them direct at reception.