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We are extremely proud of the quality and the range of services and facilities we are able to offer. We offer exceptional value for money for the level and quality of service we deliver.

We make no apologies for not offering cut-price deals on your pet’s treatment and care. As with all businesses, if we reduce fees in one area, we have to make those losses up in other areas in order to be able to continue to reinvest in the practice to keep us fully up to date with the latest advances. Our fee structure is designed to be fair and to offer value for money across the range of our services.

Cut-price veterinary healthcare is available - just not at AlphaPet! We would prefer to look after your pet properly or not at all!

Please note: Consultations & visits conducted outside normal surgery hours will incur additional fees.

Fees for other services are available upon request. All fees include VAT at 20%.

Professional Fees

  Standard Price
Consultation (normal hours) £58.00
Consultation Re-examination (normal hours) £55.00
Consultation Additional Animal £55.00
Consultation Prescription Review £55.00
Consultation Small Pet £44.00
Consultation Small Pet Re-examination £43.00
Written Prescription Fee £25.60
Microchip £27.50

Vaccinations (incl. a full health check-up)

  Standard Price
Dog Booster Vaccination £65.00
Kennel Cough £55.00
Dog Vaccination Primary Course £100.00
Rabies Vaccination £75.25
Cat Booster  £65.00
Cat Vaccination primary course (1st and 2nd vaccine) £100.00
Rabbit Vaccination Myxo-RHD Plus £75.00

Canine Treatments

  Standard Price
Bitch spay including analgesia (pain relief) from £300.00
Castration including analgesia (pain relief) from £250.00
Dentistry from £395.38

Feline Treatments

  Standard Price
Cat spay including analgesia (pain relief) £115.00
Cat Castration including analgesia (pain relief) £85.00
Dentistry from £352.56

Rabbit Treatments

  Standard Price
Spay including analgesia (pain relief) £180.00
Castration including analgesia (pain relief) £150.00

Last Services (Euthanasia)

  Standard Price
Dog / Cat (excluding cremation) from £120.00
Dog / Cat Cremation with other pets from £50.00
Dog/Cat Individual cremation with ashes returned from £190.00

Prices updated February 2022